Naked charity run raises €3,000

By Emma Jane Hade

Underwear draped on a line from the Terence Larkin, while over a 100 students casually stood around in their underwear… Just another day in DCU!

Last Wednesday, the DCU Raising and Giving Society launched their first major fundraiser and rose over €3,000.

The aim of this particular event was to raise money for Sean Lyne.  Lyne is a 19 year old from Crumlin, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. His family needs €120,000 to be raised by November, for Sean to receive potentially lifesaving treatment in the USA.

The DCU RAG society is one of DCU’s most successful new societies this year.  It was established with the aim of students ‘raising and giving’ to those in need.  There are a couple of charities they have chosen to support this year through unique fundraising events, and last Wednesdays ‘underwear mile’ was just the start.

The idea of the underwear mile came from the DCU RAG Facebook page.  They put out a call for ideas for a fundraiser and the person who had the best idea won a HTC phone.

The concept was for students to get sponsorship, and in return promise to run around in their underwear. So after weeks of planning, the Underwear Mile was set for the 26th October.

When the day arrived, there were over 100 runners ready to go.  The route was lined with volunteers, ready to direct our semi-naked athletes to the finishing line.  The course itself was less than a mile long. It started at the Helix, and continued on by the back of the library, down by campus accommodation and up to the Helix by the back of the Henry Grattan.

The athletes were greeted over the finishing line by much appreciated Bucks Fizz, Dominos and a smiling Sean Lyne.  ‘He came to watch the run on the day, and he received a great reception from everyone who took part,’ says Dervilla O’Reilly, CS2 student and member of the DCU RAG committee.

Dervilla told The College View that the event would not have been possible ‘without everyone who volunteered on the day, the DJ, collectors, participants and ushers’.

For details on how you can contribute to this fund, check out the DCU RAG Facebook page.



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