Why the Media Production Society has fallen off

Shane O'Loughlin

After years of domination at the top of DCU’s Clubs and Societies leaderboard, it has officially been confirmed that the Media Production Society has fallen off. In this article, I endeavour to discuss the myriad of reasons why, when and how this meteoric fall from grace occurred.

Too many assets:

You may have heard that in the year 2022, MPS took the unforgivable decision to acquire the college’s student newspaper “The College View” and run it in conjunction with their other major assets of FM and TV. Such an insane decision brought major consequences to the society such as allowing students to get involved in a reputable news service, build a portfolio of publishable work and even more damning, letting rogue opinions of students to be heard. This decision, in conjunction with MPS members’ active engagement in all forms of media including YouTube, radio, vlog, social media and their offering of real-life experience with industry standard equipment, truly shows just how far the Media Production Society has fallen.

Inexcusably charitable:

To its detriment, each and every year the Media Production Society prepares and produces two iconic live charity broadcasts, one through FM and radio, and one streamed by DCUTV directly to YouTube. This act of streaming for twenty-four hours straight, with the sole aim of raising money for a charitable cause, and then following up with a twelve hour radio broadcast which continues in a similar vein is a clear and obvious attempt to gain a monopoly over the charity events in DCU. After winning the “Most Charitable Society” in 2021 the MPS society has only continued to send more and more vital funds to charities in need, a clear posturing attempt to promote a holier then thou attitude which has done nothing to prevent their moral decline.

Makes students too employable:

Each society available to DCU students, no matter how big or small, is forced to make one crucial decision; they must decide whether to offer a fun and carefree environment where students are free to enjoy their interests away from the pressures of college, or to prepare its members for the future by offering industry standard experiences. Foolishly, MPS have attempted to amalgamate both options together. By allowing people to enjoy their interests with other like minded peers while simultaneously familiarising them with professional equipment, knowledge that looks great on a CV, shows the societies lack clear decision-making and displays a people pleasing mentality.

All in all, it is clear for everyone to see the rapid decline in recent times of this once great society and it surely will not be long before another, much more worthy society, claims the shameful title of “Most Charitable Society” as MPS disappears into a deep, dark abyss once and for all.

Shane O’Loughlin

Image Credit: @MPS CIRCA 1782