Car on fire in Glasnevin

A car caught fire in Glasnevin tonight, at a short distance from DCU campus.

Around 12 am a grey Volkswagen Bora was seen in flames in Glasnevin Avenue (Dublin 9).

The car was parked on the pavement in front of 2 Glasnevin Avenue, beside the junction with Ballymun Road.

One fire engine from Dublin Fire Brigade arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire and the car was removed shortly after 12.30 am.

The vehicle was extensively damaged, but nobody was injured in the incident.

People in the neighbourhood told the Gardaí that the car had been seen parked there since last Thursday.

The incident has been classified as “non-suspicious fire” and Gardaí are not carrying out any official investigation at the moment, although they do not exclude the possibility of an inquiry in the future.

GIanluca Avagnina

Image: GIanluca Avagnina

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