Gaga For Yoga

Yoga; Jennifer Aniston practices it religiously every day, it is part of the L.A. Lakers fitness regime and the Dalai Lama is a devotee. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline which includes physical, spiritual and mental exercises in its practice. There are countless advantages to practicing the art of yoga – here are a few to help get you hooked.

The first and most important advantage for us students is that yoga is cheap and can even be free! There are countless videos on Youtube and equipment is not required, so it can be practiced in the privacy of your home.

Yoga also helps improve posture and is a much better pain relief than popping a paracetamol. We all spend way too much time hunched over a computer ‘studying’ (Facebook stalking) and those aches and pains that shoot up and down our spine are not easy to get rid of. Unless you do yoga of course.

Yoga teaches you how to clear your mind of all thoughts and worries. This is harder than you think. Go on, try to clear your mind of all though for 30 seconds. See, not that easy.

Yoga clothes are the most comfortable clothes in the world. Fact. It’s like wearing your pyjamas to class and except that no one can judge you.

Last but not least, all the cool kids do it. Let’s face it, though we may be past the teenage years where everyone followed the crowd, knowing that you do the same exercise as Russell Brand is pretty cool.

DCU’s Yoga Society offers classes in Hatha yoga every Tuesday from 6.30–7.30 and 7.30–8.30, and Wednesdays from 3-4 for €3 in the Interfaith Centre. Sign up. Namaste.

Aisling Murphy

Image Credit: Affleck Photos via Flickr

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