New DCU moodle site will make students’ lives easier

A new ‘moodle’ platform will be launched for DCU students in September.

New designs put forward by Mark Glynn of the Learning Innovation Unit are set to revitalise the online resource.

Speaking at a workshop held last week, Glynn said: “I’m here to make students and lecturers’ lives easier through the use of technology.”

He described the current moodle site as “desperate” and “rotten” and said his plans will change the student experience of the site.

Currently 80% of students use only 20% of the site, mainly because of it’s harsh appearance and difficult layout.

Glynn said: “We are moving to a new version in September. We are currently upgrading all staff now to give them a feel of the new site.”

The new site will feature clever features like links to past exam papers and notes from previous years for students repeating modules.

Glynn said: “The new site looks a lot cleaner, more user friendly, especially for first years…the current site looks more like an alpha test, to me it was horrible.”

The site will also be user-friendly for those visually impaired as the colour and font size will all be changeable.

All assignments due will feature a hand and sheet icon to make the look and feel “more instinctive” as students will know they have something to hand in.

A moodle app is now available for free download on itunes but will not be fully accessible until September when it is synced with the new site.

Gill Fitzsimons

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