Luke and Eimear’s Special Favourites

MKS, “Lay Down in Swimming Pools”
STOP EVERYTHING. The Origibabes are back. Excuse us while we melt into a puddle. Last year we got new music from THE ALOUD, and 2013 seems set to reintroduce the world to Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan, the original Sugababes. The reunion has been on the cards since last year but “Lay Down in Swimming Pools”, a Kendrick Lamar interpolation, is the first piece of new music we’ve heard. And to no one’s surprise, it’s effortlessly excellent (ALLITERATION). Siobhan’s musical exorcism of a middle eight is EVERYTHING. Mutya’s lower register is mind-blowing. Keisha’s ad libs induce both shaking and crying. What’s more, this song was apparently done “just for fun” at the end of a recording session. Yes, they tossed this off at the end of their recording session. Can you grasp how good their material is going to be when we finally hear it?

It’s that time of the year again, when Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There’s mass, a dry Friday and then, the world spends Sunday eating chocolate. Yes, it’s Easter. The half year Christmas without the presents. Instead we are gifted with chocolate shaped like eggs, mounds and mounds of them. Plus, the run up to this festive time is filled with wonderful activity. Firstly, there’s Lent, when people everywhere use their faith as a means to get a better body. Then, there’s Good Friday when no one can go the pub or eat meat. The result? Chipper and amazing house parties. Religious or not religious, it cannot be denied. Easter is fun.

Iggy Azalea’s “Work” Video
While a similarly named rapper spends her time starting beef with pretty much anyone on Twitter, Iggy Azalea has created one of the best videos this year. The song is good and, most importantly, she looks like she’s having an absolute ball. In the video, Iggy uses the white trash label to her advantage, creating something vibrant, colourful and beautifully shot. The central point that all this stems from is a lap dance straight out of Death Proof, with the video including obvious nods to Priscilla Queen of the Desert & Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Her style is also on point and her body is genuinely ridiculous. DAT ASS. Plus, she gets points for combining an incredibly personal song about her struggles with balls-to-the-wall twerking.

One City, One Book
Here at Special Favourites, we have special place in our heart for books. A hard on for a hardback you might say. But starting on April 1st, Dublin will aim to have a collective literature orgy. One City, One Book is an annual event taking place across the city. The aim? Have everyone across the city read the one book to promote the importance of Irish literature. This year, the choice is Strumpet City by James Plunkett. Not only does it mean that you might learn something, or at least enjoy a wonderful book. It also gives you the perfect excuse to get chatting to the ride on the bus who is reading it too. Win. Win.

Luke Reilly and Eimear Shannon

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