So you want to work abroad?

Have you ever wondered what job you would be doing if money was not an issue? Just think about it. Would you still want to be doing what you are doing if you didn’t need the money you can earn from it? It is a tough question that needs a lot of thought to answer. So many people are ‘money-driven’ that they can only think of the end solution of their job – the financial security they will obtain – that they forget to consider what enjoyment they can get from their chosen job.

Seeing new places and visiting new countries is very enjoyable for many people; especially young people with inquisitive minds who have been in education for nearly all their lifetime so it’s not surprising they snatch up the chance to travel while in their college years. ‘I can’t wait to travel’ is not an uncommon phrase to hear young people say nowadays. The ‘itch’ to get out and see the big bad world and visit the places you have only read about in books gets even ‘itchier’ once you have experienced enough rainy, freezing days here in Ireland.

Money is always an issue but incorporating your job and travel dreams together makes for a pretty decent lifestyle. Here are ten jobs which might be worth considering if you wish to travel.

1. Teaching English Abroad

TEFL is the obvious answer which everyone talks about and it is understandable as there are 196 countries in the world (197 if you include Taiwan) and there are more countries in the world which speak English than any other language. What about the countries that don’t speak English? They need our help. AIESEC is an organisation run by young people for young people that doesn’t require you to have any experience of teaching English and they have projects in over 120 countries in the world. CELTA courses are the most recognised TEFL courses in the world, you can take these in Dublin and can also help you on this route.

2. Nurses/Doctors

The medical profession allows for a lot of movement between countries as nursing a patient is the same no matter what language you speak or culture you live in. This is a very rewarding but demanding job so it must be something you really want to do.

3. Flight attendant/ Airline Crew

This profession can be seen as the ultimate way to travel but you might have to begin with the short distance flights which you wouldn’t include exotic trips away and then work your way up to the long distance flights.

4. Fitness Instructor/ Sports Teacher

Jobs that don’t require a language are obviously easier to travel with but there is a growing demand for sports instructors all over the world. There are summer camps run all over the world which look for sports teachers or camp co-ordinators. Try

5. Massage therapist

It is a job that you wouldn’t think of but with no foreign language required to practise and with people’s jobs becoming more stressful and busier than ever masseuses are in demand right around the world. You can work independently, choosing your own hours or become part of an organisation in the hospitality sector and work in spas or hotels. Massage courses are not expensive and can bring great rewards to know you have helped relieve someone of stress and pain.

6. Blogger

It’s hard to measure how much money can be made from writing about your travels but the benefits to others is what matters.

7. Geologist and Archaeologist

You will need a degree for these job but the possibilities to travel are endless especially in South America, Indonesia, Australia and Africa. Excavating and exploration tends to happen in places that aren’t very well-populated and geologists and archaeologists get to travel to some of the most remote regions of the world and can be away from home for months at a time.

8. Hospitality Industry

If you have ever worked in a bar or a hotel then this experience can get you a job nearly anywhere in the world. The biggest requirement for these type of jobs is experience and if you have it then you’re on your way.

9. Civil Servant

If you want to combine your love of travel with your love of your country, then a career as a civil servant could be right for you. There are more than 250 embassies around the world and these have hundreds of job opportunities listed on their websites. There are ample opportunities for travel as a civil servant.

10. Translator

If you have the relevant languages and the skills (you need a degree for this one too) then travel is very accessible with this job.

Emma O’Rourke

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