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“I may be deflowered but I am not devalued.” (Shoshanna Shapiro, 2012) It is wise words such as this that cement Girls as a true example of how to do television right. It is time for the world to leave behind memories of Sex and the City and to embrace the modern twenty-something. How did Carrie Bradshaw afford all those clothes anyway? No longer are women defined by whether they are a ‘Carrie’ or a ‘Samantha’, rather if they are a ‘Hannah’, a ‘Jessa’ or unfortunately a Marnie. Refreshingly honest, Girls tells the world what it’s really like to be fighting your way through the big bad world. Yes, the characters are self absorbed and annoying, but, hey, so is everyone.

The Most Popular Girls in School

The Most Popular Girls in School is a Youtube web series that, using the legitimately excellent coupling of Barbies and stop motion animation, explores the terrifying and batshit insane world of high school. It’s kind of like a twisted mix of Mean Girls, Daria and Gossip Girl, if Gossip Girl wasn’t the televisual equivalent of excrement.

Like the above, it’s immensely quotable, with every character having killer dialogue. This was made for the tumblr generation, with incredible one liners and a ton of gif-worthy scenes. Characters like Mackenzie Zales (head cheerleader, homecoming queen, part-time model) Cameron Van Buren and Ashley Katchadourian are bitchy, over the top, but oddly relatable. It’s not perfect (there’s a few cheap laughs and an over-reliance on bathroom humour) but for the most part it’s sharp, funny and surprisingly well-made. Go watch the first series on Youtube – you will laugh a lot, and then we can discuss our loathing for Rachel Tice.


When one thinks of film festivals, they usually think of the likes of Sundance where only the elite can attend. However, in Dublin, this is not the case thanks to the annual Jameson Distillery Irish Film Festival, or JDIFF for short. Each year film fans and movie magic makers alike gather in our fair city to show a mutual appreciation for all things cinema. Kicking off on Valentines Day, the festival looks to highlight the best in Irish and International cinema. For us students, there will also be a number of workshops and discussions on all things cinematography from script writing to sound editing. Rumours have it that Danny DeVito will be stopping by. Danny.De.Vito.

Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara return with album 8 (!), and it is QUITE IMPRESSIVE. Usually when bands mix their indie sound with dance elements, it can come across forced, but Heartthrob meshes soaring harmonies and synths impeccably. The choruses are big, and every song sounds like a real moment.

Heartthrob is perfect power pop through and through, and a great start to 2013. Last year was ushered in by the moody and dramatic Lana Del Rey, and this is such a nice turn. It’s a great example of intelligent, emotional “popular music”, with great lyrics and hooks a-plenty. Brief synopsis: file Heartthrob in between Dragonette and Marina & the Diamonds with tinges of Robyn in a section marked ‘AMAZING AND SPECTACULAR”.

Eimear Shannon and Luke Reilly

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