60 seconds with DCU Karate Club

Lorna Finnegan talks with club Chairperson Martina Brophy

Describe your club in 5 words.
Energetic, enjoyable, confidence-boosting, different and sociable.

How did you get involved with Karate in the first place?
I was interested in karate, but never had the opportunity to start it until college. So on Clubs and Socs day I jumped at the chance to join the karate club.

What’s your biggest achievement with DCU Karate so far?
I suppose every time I grade is a big achievement. It marks how far I’ve come and how hard I’ve trained throughout the semester. I recently got my yellow belt, which was a proud moment for me.

What’s the difference between competing with your home club and competing with DCU?
I’m not a member of a karate club at home. But I suppose when you compete with DCU you’re competing on a larger platform than most clubs and there’s more pressure because you’re representing your university.

What has been your fondest memory as a member of DCU Karate Club since you joined?
My fondest memory so far was my first friendly competition in UCD. I got some great advice about technique and bought my karate suit. We all went for drinks after and had a good laugh.

Why would you encourage people to join DCU Karate?
It’s great exercise, you feel fitter in no time. The coaches care about your progress and you’re guaranteed individual attention. You’re also given the chance to form friendships and there is the added benefit that your family and friends think you’re bad ass.

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