Luke and Eimear’s Special Favourites

Luke Reilly and Eimear Shannon run down the things that have provided them with joy ‒ maximum joy.


It’s here! It’s here! After years of waiting, Spotify finally graces Irish shores. The free music sharing service has been a staple for music lovers internationally for years and now it has finally been released for Irish audiences, so there’s no need to fiddle with IP addresses or those proxy things that no one understands. For free, you can now stream albums, songs and even playlists by your favourite artists. The premium service is only a mere €10 a month, and means no ads. But hey, for broke students like us, the free version is wonderful. Most importantly, for those times when you want to get down with your bad taste in music, there’s a private listening service. Don’t say we don’t give you the best advice.

Susan Boyle’s PR Team

Remember SuBo? The one with the unfortunate eyebrows who made you feel bad but then good but then bad but then apathetic? Well, you are cordially invited, one and all, to her “Anal Bum Party”.

To help spread the word of Boyle’s new album, the singer’s PR people used the hashtag #Susanalbumparty. It was meant to spell “Susan Album Party” but instead, for the majority of those with basic reading comprehension and a sense of humour, it ended up spelling “Su’s Anal Bum Party”. HILARITY ENSUED. The hashtag, and the singer, were trending worldwide within hours.

So the only question is, PR fail or masterstroke? Either way, enjoy your temporary relevancy, SuBo. We’ll bring the lube.

Christmas Lights

Let’s all get together and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Forget about bah humbug and the fact that it’s still November, the city looks beautiful. Gone are the dark and desolate winter streets – the Christmas lights are on and everything is going to be okay. The likes of Grafton and Henry Street are bedecked with chandeliers and wreaths made of twinkly lights. Best of all, they look most beautiful at about 3am after your post-night out McDonald’s. So get into the Christmas spirit. Remember, this is the best time of the year to appreciate all things festive without worrying about present buying or a kiss from your moustached Aunty.

Winter Coats

Christmas provides a lot of opportunities for mirth (a chance to catch up and get ossified with loved ones, the aforementioned lights, an excuse to use the word “mirth”), but there’s one other reason for gaiety in December– ‘tis the season to don a Winter coat.

There’s legitimately thousands of reasons why winter coats are, in fact, amazing. They’re like a hug from a friend…that you hang up. And dry clean.

Ultimately, a good winter coat looks nifty, provides you with warmth and will make you feel important and thus heighten your sense of self worth. These are facts. The facts may have been written on a napkin in crayon by Luke after four bottles of Buckfast, but they were written down, which is what makes them facts. It’s called “science”.

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