Review of ¡Uno! by Green Day

Green Day’s anticipated new album ¡Uno! is proving to be of the same high standard that their other nine albums have had. Green Day first came to international recognition in 1994 with their first album Dookie, have not disappointed their large audience with their new release. ¡Uno! is the first of a trilogy of albums which will be released over the coming months and is a great one to kick them off. The songs stay true to the band’s punk style and are filled with the typical catchy beats and epic guitar solos. Lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong attacks each song with a fantastic enthusiasm which is clearly seen in songs like “Carpe Diem” and “Oh Love”.

“Kill the DJ” is an attempt to break away from the typical punk stereotype. With a beat which could easily be heard in a club it is quite paradoxical, as it discusses the band’s hatred for popular club music. It strives to replicate the club style in an ironic mockery of it. However the attempt at irony falls slightly flat and it is not in fact comical; yet, having said this, it is still a very catchy song.

One criticism about the album as a whole is there is little variety. There are no rock opera numbers in which they have dabbled in the past, such as American Idiot‘s incredible “Jesus of Suburbia”. New and old fans will enjoy this as it stays true to their original style and does not disappoint, however Green Day play it very safe in their new songs and stick to what they know. Overall, it is well worth a listen as it is exactly how one would expect a Green Day album to sound.

RATING: 3.5/5

Sarah McCormack

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