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Travel is…
You often hear the phrase- “I need to get away” or “I need a holiday”. People say this because they are used to the monotonous routine of everyday life in Ireland that “getting away” will help them to keep sane.

The word ‘travel’ is very short but the opportunities that arise from it and the different outlook you have on life after it make it last a whole lot longer in your memory. We were born in a world that is so vast and beautiful- and yet we spend most of it sitting on our couch or sitting at a desk. Get up, get out and see what the world has to offer- the excitement of going into the unknown is incredible.

No sign of Larry!
For people who haven’t set foot in another country or have never ventured too far it can be quite daunting leaving your home comforts and not knowing what to expect when you arrive in your new destination. It can take a while to get settled in or you could be full of the joys of the mystery land you have arrived in.

For however long you are there for you realise this new place is your home for the time being. You look around you and you don’t see Larry on the tractor going up and down the road and you don’t see you mother’s name popping up on your phone every few minutes wondering “Are you okay pet?” You are on your own; ready to make new friends but you are independent and your parents are not close by to ponder to your every need!

The new landscape around you, the road signs and the cars using the other side of the road tell yourself you are not at home! The rays of sunshine that comes in through your window in the morning tells you that you are on holiday. You are about to experience new things in your life that your mind is about to be opened. The people you meet have different mannerisms; they all come from different backgrounds than you- how interesting. It is only when you get talking to these people that you realise how different and also interesting their lives are compared to yours. Travel broadens our outlook.

Irish are not known for their kissing skills
The different greetings used in other countries are vast- the Irish are so used to either a hug or an awkward wave while not moving and the French always give two kisses while the Swiss insist on three kisses. The Americans give a warm hug and kiss on the cheek.

The food that people eat in other countries can be so delicious you wonder why you never ordered something different in a restaurant before. Once you get out of your comfort zone you will try everything and realise how your palette has changed and how exotic foods are much tastier. It is only by travelling that we experience these cultural differences.

How cool is it to be in a country where it is normal to be warm everyday, (yes everyday) and going to the beach becomes part of your daily routine. It means you get more Vitamin D and hopefully a nice tan to show off when you arrive home on Irish peat.

Summer 2013 will be your best summer yet
Are you one of the lucky few who went abroad this summer? If you didn’t make it I am sure you have heard enough from your friends that you are never having a summer in Ireland again. You either went on a J1, a two week holiday in the sun or maybe you volunteered abroad for the summer. You could have been on the other side of the spectrum and as many did you spent the summer at home in the wet weather reading Facebook statuses about those in the sun.

Travel is something everyone should do at some point in their life. This year make it your business to get organised and plan your summer abroad, start talking about it with your parents and friends and start saving for a summer to remember ( or not in some cases).

If you can’t wait for the summer to “get away” and you have a friend that is going on Erasmus this year why not book tickets to go and spend a weekend with them. Your friend would only be delighted to see you and you get to see a whole new surroundings and culture. Why not!

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