Your A-Z DCU survival guide.

College View reporter Eve Kerton takes an A to Z look at how to survive your college year.

Argos catalogues
No it is not to buy your nanny a pretend gold bracelet. The Argos catalogue doubles up as a highly effective spider murdering weapon. College spiders are of a different breed.

Baby wipes
You can never have enough; they remove makeup, stains and spillages and act as an emergency shower replacement when you are on the go. College is like a nine month version of Oxegen.

Chicken rolls
These wondrous food items of God will become a staple part of your diet. Whether it is from a late opening deli after Coppers or as a hangover cure, these boyos never fail to satisfy your needs.

Cheap and cheerful, Druids cider is like the Irish equivalent of the American red cup. Ever present at college parties and a national symbol of student poverty.

Every Little Helps
You may have liked Tesco before, you’ll LOVE it now. Your one stop shop for food, drink, cutlery, kitchen appliances and lampshades to replace the one you broke at your mate’s house party. Located in Drumcondra and the Omni shopping centre in Santry. Long live Tesco.

Throughout your first few weeks in college you will be bombarded with goodie bags filled with pens, vouchers, noodles, soup, whistles, notepads and of course the infamous Mojos! Sign up for as many irritating spam filled emails as possible to avail of the excellence of free stuff

Google Books

Once you begin assignments you will cry tears of joy when you realise the wonder that is Google Books. Just when you think you are in despair at the lack of books in the library, Google Books will come to your aid, offering you a wide range of easy to locate literature.

The Hub is the heart of student life in DCU. The Students’ Union are the offices of the Clubs & Societies are located upstairs, the NuBar, the Venue (DCU’s theatre) and DCUfm are located on the ground floor.

Not the country. The Kerry Katona endorsed frozen food chain. Everyday items such as bread, milk and biscuits are all available at much lower prices although their quality may be questionable…

Jaeger bombs
They are on offer everywhere, all the time, so get used to it. Great if you wish to erase your memory for a few hours. Best to avoid them if you wish to prevent adopting the brain power of Barney from The Simpsons.

A drinking game that is well known in colleges throughout Ireland and is a great opportunity to meet new people in the first few weeks. To be honest, I still do not know the rules only that someone is guaranteed to projectile vom!

Not bad ones. White lies. When the security knocks at our door, we have found the wardrobes are a great place to hide. Send your soberest/best liar friend to answer and claim that there is only three or four over for a few sociables. Continue seshing once the security have been shaken off. Security – 0 Students – 1.

Mid-afternoon naps
You will appreciate naps far more in college than you did when you were four. Partying till the wee hours and crawling to lectures at nine in the morning takes its toll, a quick snooze helps prevent constant tiredness.

DCU’s student bar, fantastic drink deals, delicious and affordable food and a generally great atmosphere. You’ll have lots of unforgettable nights in the NuBar (or forgettable depending on your alcohol intake!)

The best couple of weeks on the college calendar, be sure to attend every event, speak to as many strangers, eat as much free pizza and graciously accept all free pens. Stationery sorted for the year. BOOM!

Pre-drinking = Prinking. Saves money and allows you to sober up enough to find your friends and get home safely at the end of the night.

When completing college assignments you must reference and quote. Plagiarism is practically a criminal offense in the eyes of your lecturers. It is easy to avoid, just reference the head off every essay you do. Be grand.

Reduced to clear
Three words the savvy shopper loves to hear. Do your shopping in the evenings and usually expensive products are greatly reduced to end of day prices to clear them from the shelves. Shop wisely and you and your housemates shall dine like kings…albeit kings who pick the mould off their strawberries…

Frowned upon in school. Celebrated in college. You are away from your friends and family, a cuddle is cherished in college among both boys and girls alike.

Again, not the serious kind just a few sneaky steals from your house. Who would have thought this time last year that you would willingly rob the soap from your parents’ en suite bathroom?

Your students’ union act as a connection between you and lecturers. They are helpful, informative and supportive. Drop into them with any questions and they will be happy to assist.

Video calls
This is the key to staying in touch with your family at home and your friends in the various colleges throughout Ireland. Now that Facebook has a video chat option keeping in contact has never been so easy!

Discovering a stable and more importantly free WiFi connection will become a hugely important goal wherever you go in college. Nothing quite like the discovery of a secure internet connection. Ahh, I have a warm feeling just thinking about it.

Xtreme sports
DCU has a huge range of clubs and societies, sing up for as many as possible at Clubs & Socs day in early October. Among the more interesting clubs are, Surf’n’Sail, caving and carting. Take every opportunity you can, friends for life are made within these events

Annoyingly true. Live by it.

Unfortunately your time in college will zip by. Enjoy every minute, do not stress over assignments, talk to everyone, try everything, make mistakes, get a fine, try your best, use your talents and most of all have fun.

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