DCU part of new collaborative college partnership

By Aoife Mullen
News Editor

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn have launched a collaborative partnership between DCU, NUI Maynooth and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

The 3U partnership will see the three institutions develop academic programmes, research, education and internationalisation.

DCU President, Prof Brian MacCraith said, “This partnership is a positive development on so many fronts as it will create richer educational opportunities for our students, it will lead to improvements in the quality of learning throughout our education system, and it will enhance our ability to solve some of the major research problems facing today’s society.”

3U biomedical research will immediately be established. This will combine the talent of 750 researchers across the three institutions to develop research in areas such as cancer and neurology.

The partnership also hopes to increase the number of international students studying in the three institutions. A joint international foundation and induction programme for incoming students will be developed, as well as measures to enhance the academic, cultural and social experience of international students.

New study programmes, particularly at postgraduate level, will be introduced, including Masters Degrees in Healthcare Technology, Humanitarian Logistics & Emergency Management and Global Health.

A new research, education and professional development initiative to improve learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research was also launched as part of the partnership.

Speaking at the launch, An Taoiseach noted the importance of the partnership. “Through collaboration we can achieve scale that allows us to compete more effectively on the global stage. It is clear that this partnership will lead to increased competitiveness for major research awards, innovation at the intersection of disciplines, and also the intellectual, cultural and financial benefits of a greater internationalisation of our student base in Ireland”.

Speaking on the partnership, Minister Quinn said, “One of our greatest educational challenges is to produce excellent graduates who are flexible and adaptable, capable of interpreting and responding to the needs of an ever-changing world around them. That in turn drives our competitiveness. The 3U Partnership has this principle at its core and through collaborations of this nature the international reputation of our education and the impact of our research will be greatly enhanced”.

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