Anne Marie Tackney for Education Officer

By Aisling Phelan

Anne Marie Tackney is a final year Science Education student. She is running for the position of Education Officer. She believes that the college and the Education officer should always have students’ education in mind. “However to write with a broken pencil is pointless, and unless the Vice President for Education performs their role correctly the academic experiences of the student body will suffer.”

Tackney is part of the Class Rep Council this year and it was this role that prompted her to run for Education Officer. “Since I have become more involved in Class Rep Council and the running of DCU, the role of the DCU executive has become much more apparent to me…how important it is to the rest of the Student body.”

Her main aims if elected would be to improve the INTRA module and to ensure careers fairs in DCU are reflective of students’ needs. She also wants to improve “the current class rep system to ensure they understand fully their responsibilities and participate more effectively in Class Rep Council and Programme Boards”.

Another part of her manifesto is to “assist with the promotion of the faculty balls”. She would like these events “to be important networking events as well as an enjoyable social event”. She also proposes to communicate more with the elected convenors to “get to know what is really going on around DCU”.
Tackney also recognises the need to update, maintain and publicise the learning language program as well as the DCU tutor list, their subjects and contact details.

As a class rep, someone who has participated in programme boards and knows the issue progression systems of each faculty, Tackney believes she has the experience for the job. She had to repeat second year and knows “the stresses involved in filling out the R-34 form and dealing with registry efficiently”.
Tackney thinks she is approachable and if elected she will be, “someone people can turn to for advice however big or small the issue may be”.
On her chances of being elected she says “we’ll just have to wait and see”.

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