UCC Engineering Soc disbanded

By Frances Mulraney
A University College Cork (UCC) society must disband following disorderly behaviour on a mystery tour bringing disgrace to the university.

UCC Engineering Society or “Eng Soc” was told to close by the university’s society governing body, the UCC Society Guild. President of the Guild, JD O’Connell, branded the society’s behaviour on a recent mystery tour to Mallow as “disgusting”.

The Student Safety Team accompanying the bus on the tour made a report to the guild on their experience while volunteering at the event.

One volunteer spoke of how he was repeatedly slapped while trying to regain control of the party. Another spoke of how a society member accosted him, pulling at his shirt to check if he was wearing underwear.

It is believed that only a minority of students caused any such disturbances on the night. The safety team’s report is available for anyone who wishes to read it from the guild.

The society announced the decision through an email to their members, “It is with deep regret that we inform you of the UCC Guild’s decision to formally disband the Eng Soc. In making this decision the guild considered the recent behaviour during the mystery tour, along with the tainted history of previous engineering societies.”

Although the society is now disbanded, it is to remain on Facebook as ‘Student Engineers of Cork’ where they will advertise guest speakers and courses as well as a ball the society had been planning. This group plans to unofficially contact class reps of all faculties in UCC to discuss what a future ‘Student Engineers of Cork’ group could bring to the university.

Last year, the UCC President considered putting an end to such mystery tours, where students travel by bus to a mystery venue. It was instead decided that any bus leaving UCC would be accompanied by a safety team as the Eng Soc was.


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