Please Talk week ends with UV wall unveiling

By Gillian Fitzsimons

DCU unveiled its UV message wall last Thursday evening as part of the college’s Please Talk Week.

The wall illuminated various anonymous messages from students expressing their feelings. The purpose of the wall is to promote and safeguard the mental health of students by encouraging them to speak out, listen and be there for each other.

Please Talk is a campaign that began in UCD in 2007 in response to the deaths of a number of students. It has since been adopted by all Irish universities in an attempt to highlight the importance of mental health. It aims to get students to talk and express any issues they may have in their lives.

DCU organised an event filled week to promote the campaign including a balloon release, one minute silence, mental health exhibition and a HSE mental health workshop with young Fine Gael.

DCU Secretary, Martin Conroy talked about many great sports stars who have found themselves in the grips of depression. He said “just because somebody is great at something does not mean they are great within themselves.”

He continued, “I think it is a wonderful campaign, I commend you all for being a part of it and urge you to take it seriously and put it into place.”

DCU Chaplain Fr Joe Jones said “It is one of the most important campaigns on our campus. It is so important, we need to find that someone to talk to and we need to find the strength to seek and confide in others. Seeking help is a sign of strength.”

He finished by saying “I hope and pray that many people today will realise there are so many services here at DCU, do not be afraid to come to any of us and seek help.”


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