DCU Ski Trip – Avoriaz 2011

By Conor McTernan

 Whether  you’re an advanced skier or a first-timer, the DCU Snowsports trip is for YOU!  This year, from January 27th  to February  4th, DCU’s Snowsports Society is going to Avoriaz in France.

Having been snowboarding twice with DCU, I know that a wild and eventful week is to be expected! You’ll return with new friends and plenty of memories…or perhaps none (depending on your drinking habits!).  If you’re a beginner, there will be many others just like you so don’t worry.  You can take lessons when you get there, or practice with the club; they train every Tuesday at Kiltiernan, Dublin’s outdoor snow-slope.

The basic cost for the trip is €519, including travel, accommodation, lift pass, the club meal night, and free drinks in many bars.  You need to add €89 if you’re renting skis and boots. The committee also has helmets and other equipment available to borrow.

You’ll need a basic set of ski gear.  A good option is to borrow from friends or family, but you can buy gear without breaking the bank.  Lidl and TK Maxx have decent, cheap winter gear.

Each night has a different themed/costume event (eg. UV Rave Night).  Some traditional events happen every year, like The Red Hoodie Ramble (a DCU pub-crawl, wearing the DCU Snowsports red hoodies).  New events this year are Jelly/Foam Wrestling, and the committee hope that a scavenger hunt will take advantage of the huge piste area.

Getting there

Most people go for the cheaper option of bus/ferry to and from the resort. Starting from the DCU campus, it’s over 24 hours of travelling including two ferries, but everyone makes the most of it, chatting, drinking, watching dvds and stopping in weird places!  You get to know everybody on the way to the resort. You can fly to France and meet everyone else there, but where’s the fun in that?

About Avoriaz

Located 1100m up in the French Alpes, Alvoriaz is a top snow/ski destination and caters for all standards of living and skiing.

At the forefront of French snowboarding, the 4 snow parks in the Avoriaz Snowzone are leagues ahead of their rivals, with features such as an Air Bag (used to attempt jumps/tricks with a guaranteed soft landing) and an array of rails, boxes and kickers of all shapes and sizes. The first person from DCU to tackle the terrifying Superpipe (120m long half pipe with walls 6metres high) with video evidence gets a drink on me.

 Avoriaz is part of the enormous Portes du Soleil, the second largest ski-area in the world, encompassing 13 resorts with 650km of marked piste – an infinite terrain for those dedicated enough to get up for the first lift in the morning after a hard night on the town.  For many, the Snowsports trip is all-night partying, followed by a late lie-in and afternoon/evening boarding!

There’s no better chance to go on a snow-trip with so many  friendly people for such good value. Sign ups started last week, with 100 places and now less than 10 are left! If you’re interested, now is the time to make your decision.  €100 deposit is payable up front, but the balance doesn’t have to be in until the December 28th.

See you on the slopes!


Bookings online at Ski-Alpine.com.

Contacts: Ais – chair@dcusnowboarding.com and Julez – secretary@dcusnowboarding.com

Check DCUSnowsports on Facebook

Mail to DCUSnowsports@groups.facebook.com


Basic trip cost : €519

Ski hire: €89

Spending money: €200 (roughly)

(College Discount: €150 – too late for anyone signing up now)



Bus and Ferry: Bus from DCU campus – two ferries – bus to resort

Distance: 1650km

Approx travel time: 20hours (not including stops/delays)

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