‘ISS is doing a good job this year‘ DCU ISS department defends recent problems

By Sorcha Jowitt

DCU’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) department has encountered some major problems since September.

ISS has had to deal with virus infections, slow login processes and the Wi-Fi networks and research support systems being down, affecting staff as well as students.

DCU has appreciated the often fast recovery of any affected networks. School of Communications lecturer, Des Mc Guinness, responded to the resolution of the research support systems in an e-mail with:

“Can you please pass on my sincere thanks to the ISS team who erased the baddie on laptop on three separate occasions?  I really appreciate their consideration and professionalism.”

The College View asked Robert Babington, who works in ISS, what had happened in each case.

On the issue of the Wi-Fi network he said:

“We moved the standard network to Eduroam, but students had to go through a login process in order to access the network. In the last fortnight the network failed in the library and a test network was setup on the upper floors of the library to cope with this.”

When asked why the printing system was changed he said it was in order to reduce congestion and queues for printing as the printing jobs are held for up to two hours.

Mr Babington also pointed out that some issues can be easily resolved without contacting the ISS department, “I think the ISS is doing a good job this year… However, I don’t think enough students are aware of the issues that they can resolve for themselves. There are guides and software available on the DCU site and leaflets available at the library service desks that give clear instructions to students.”


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